Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities Statement

Ho Shin Do aims to ensure that Equality of Opportunity is seen as fundamental to all its teaching and practices. Equal opportunity is about celebrating difference and diversity.

Ho Shin Do is totally committed to the principles and practice of equal opportunities across all of its activities, karate is for everyone. It can and should be enjoyed and made accessible to everyone and to achieve this:

  • Ho shin Do is committed to work towards ensuring that karate is accessible to the many, rather than the few.
  • Ho Shin Do recognises the need to acknowledge the diversity of provision that is required to ensure that all people, regardless of their race, sex/gender, disability, age, and sexual orientation, social or economic background can access karate and develop at a level that is appropriate to them.
  • Ho Shin Do recognises the need to celebrate difference and diversity of provision as a means of creating entitlement and accessibility to our structures.
  • Ho Shin Do recognises that equal opportunity is about recognising that people are different and therefore require different provision.
  • Ho Shin Do recognises the need to consult widely in order to respond to diversity

Ho Shin Do students/members

Ho Shin Do is committed to encouraging membership from all sectors of the community. To achieve this we undertake to:

  • Promote an open and honest culture that values diversity.
  • Communicate widely, ensuring that our messages can be understood and appreciated by all.
  • Positively encourage the involvement of all people, regardless of their gender, race, disability, age and social background.
  • Work to redress the effects of discrimination.

Teachers and Coaches

In our training and development of teachers and coaches, we will strive to ensure that they:

  • Establish and implement professional and ethical values and practice.
  • Promote and apply the principles and practices of equal opportunities.
  • Promote positive images of people with special needs.
  • Have a commitment to providing entitlement and access to all their professional activities.
  • Encourage high expectations and standards of achievement from all they teach.
  • Involve everyone in meaningful and appropriate activity to ensure a quality experience.
  • Help everyone to achieve their full potential


This policy document will be available to all employees, members and volunteers.

All employees, members and volunteers have the responsibility to respect, act in accordance with and thereby support and promote the spirit and intentions of this policy.


Ho Shin Do will communicate this policy to all its members, volunteers and employees.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Ho Shin Do will monitor and evaluate the success of the policy regularly and will review the policy annually.


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