Hoshindo Karate, Manchester

A Karate club for all ages, running classes and tournaments in South Manchester.

Members of the JKF (Japan Karate Federation) and Gojuryu Seiwakai. Hoshindo Karate has affiliates in Japan, Manchester, London, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Our instructors are all DBS checked, first aid qualified and attend courses on the safeguarding of children and young adults.

Classes are located across South Manchester and we also provide children’s classes as part of the curriculum and extended after school programs in schools and colleges.

Although our children’s classes are based on self-defence and fitness, emphasis is placed on discipline, confidence, mental and physical coordination, respect, courtesy, patience.

Ho Shin Do Karate is committed to the values which make karate-do so special and whilst it is a fighting art, it is also much more than that. It is our values of respect for one another and determination to develop character that makes us different.

We are part of the Japan Karate-Do Federation GOJUKAI and GOJU RYU KARATE-DO SEIWAKAI (Japan) with direct links to 25 countries and provide opportunities for international courses, including Japan.

We offer you the chance to develop skills, and a pathway to health and well-being that can last you a lifetime.

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Further information

For further information on classes, pricing, or for any other enquiries, please contact;

Stephen Sijuwade
Phone: 07708 497 223
E-mail: info

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Karate classes in Manchester for children and adults of all ages!