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Saeid Borgheian

Sensei Saeid Borgheian is an associate instructor providing private sessions and classes for the deaf.

Saeid has been practicing karate for 20 years, and holds the rank of 5th Dan in Shito Ryu. He is one of our tournament coaches and acts as an EKF and WKF referee in national and international tournaments.

The History and Fundamentals of Goju-Ryu Karate by Yamaguchi Gogen

Goju-Ryu: The History and Fundamentals of Goju-Ryu Karate

A Book by Yamaguchi Gogen.


Highly recommended to all students, the book is by a true karate master, Yamaguchi “the cat” Gogen, founder of the Japanese Goju-Ryu, one of Japan’s largest and most successful karate organizations.

Paperback: 330 pages
Publisher: Rising Sun Productions; 1st edition (April 25, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0920129234
ISBN-13: 978-0920129234
Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars

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Stephen Sijuwade

Sensei Steve started the club here in Manchester in 2004 after completing the instructor course in London under the guidance of Rod Martin Sensei. He has been practising and teaching karate for nearly 20 years, and oversees the growth and development of the club.

Steve travels to Japan regularly for further training and is graded to 4th Dan Goju Ryu in Japan. He is a member of the Japan Karate Federation (JKF) Goju kai. He continues to train under the instruction and stewardship of senior instructors of the Goju Ryu Seiwakai and the JKF Goju kai.

4th Dan!
Proud Achievement


Amir Karimi

Sensei Amir Karimi joined us in 2010 as an associate instructor and now heads up the tournament squad.

Amir has been practicing Shito Ryu and Shotokan karate for 25 years, and holds the rank of 5th Dan in Shito Ryu. He brings a vast experience of tournament karate to the club and has won countless titles, representing his country at national and international level, as both competitor and coach.

Amir has been teaching karate since 2000 and acts as an EKF and WKF referee in national and international tournaments.

Naser Sawari

Naser is currently our youngest full time instructor. He started his karate training in 2007 and achieved his black belt in 2012. He is a second Dan black belt with HoShinDo Manchester and first Dan black belt in Goju Ryu Seiwakai.

He is a prominent member of our tournament squad and competes regularly, with many titles under his belt.

Naser has a diploma in diet and nutrition, pharmacy and is currently studying sport science at university.

Ho Shin Do Karate, an academy for Martial Arts

Pioneered in Manchester by Stephen Sijuwade in 2004 and in London by Krishan Wadhia, the academy runs classes for all grades of students, of all ages.

Our instructors are fully qualified and CRB checked, and have attended numerous courses and seminars in the safeguarding of children, and general health and safety disciplines.

Our instructors currently hold Dan Grades with Goju Ryu Seiwakai and continue to receive regular training with senior instructors from Gojuryu Seiwakai and Gojukai J.K.F., the Japanese Karate Federation, travelling frequently to the country to attend training camps, and acquire further expertise in the art.

The academy focuses on self-defense, fitness training and personal development. We teach in a friendly yet structured environment, which allows people of all ages to come and enjoy the benefits of martial arts. Classes place emphasis on street self-defense and are geared to enhance self-awareness, confidence, and

Our organisation currently provides classes in London and Manchester for both children and adults. For children under 13, we base the teaching on a gentle, low-key, yet disciplined format, but always keeping the element of fun.

Children will learn team work, cooperation and get the benefits of discipline and concentration at the same time. The classes are action-packed, and we run frequent competitions to engage children and encourage them in a useful, goal-oriented way.

Many children’s classes are run as part of the school curriculum, or as after-school programmes in select schools within the Manchester and London metropolis.

All classes are taught by fully-qualified instructors, and assisted by senior students. This encourages both the senior students, as well as giving something for younger students to aim for, and the approach as proved invaluable in helping to solidy a peer-bonding that makes Ho Shin Do Karate the coherent martial arts academhy it has become.

For further information please contact Sensei Steve on 07708 497 223 or email info.

Our Karate Classes

Ho Shin Do Karate is a family club and caters for all ages.

Classes are designed to teach classical karate methods in a modern context.

We welcome students of all grades, abilities and disciplines.

Classes also include the new kids club which involves a style of teaching developed specifically to help younger children gain greater benefit and involves high intensity activities that give the little ones no time to get bored!

All students will be invited to frequent seminars given by visiting karate masters, and gradings take place about twice a year, so students can be inspired and encouraged, as well as gain a sense of achievement both personally and by being a proud member of their club.

If you’re still not sure, please come and try a FREE class!

For class times and venues, please see our Locations section.

For further information please contact Sensei Steve on 07708 497 223 or email info.

Goju Ryu Kata

Original article by Hoshindo Karate Brisbane

Gōjū-ryū has 12 core kata in its standard curriculum: gekisai (dai ichi & dai ni), saifa, seiyunchin, seisan, saipai, shisochin, sanseiru, kururunfa, sanchin, tensho, and suparenpai. Students in most schools are required to know all of these kata before reaching sandan.

Morio Higaonna sensei writes that “Karate begins and ends with kata. Kata is the essence and foundation of karate and it represents the accumulation of more than 1000 years of knowledge. Formed by numerous masters throughout the ages through dedicated training and research, the kata are like a map to guide us, and as such should never be changed or tampered with.”

Almost all of the kata have a corresponding bunkai oyo, a prearranged two-person fighting drill. These drills help the student to understand the applications of the kata, establish proper rhythm/flow, to practice constant attack/defense, and to safely practice dangerous moves on a partner.

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Goju Ryu and its 5 Precepts

Original article by Hoshindo Karate Brisbane

Goju Ryu

There are many students of karate, all which can trace their origins back to the island of Okinawa, Japan. However, originally there existed only three styles, each of which was named after the city in which is evolved. These are: Tomari-te, Shuri-te and Naha-te. The Tomari-te and Shuri-te styles were unified to form one school known as Shorin Ryu while Naha-te remained to its true form and became known as Goju Ryu.

The Meaning of Goju Ryu

According to oriental philosophy, to achieve harmony and order in the world, everything must express a balanced nature. So there is night and day, fire and water and so on.

The founder of our style, Grandmaster Chojun Miyagi chose the name Goju Ryu based on precepts from the Chinese martial arts. Go means hard or resilient; Ju means soft or yielding. Therefore Goju Ryu translates as the hard-soft school. This refers specifically to both the technical characteristics of our style and to its underlying philosophy.

The Five Precepts

  • We are proud to study the way of Goju
  • We are courteous in manners
  • We strive to develop courage and fighting spirit (humble yet strong)
  • We cultivate fellowship and understanding (the spirit of Cooperation)
  • We respect the ideals of loyalty and honor, traditional from olden times

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