Ho shin do Youth Project

Ho Shin Do Youth Project Aims and Objectives

Ho Shin Do Youth Project is a community based, self-empowering and action-oriented initiative providing support to youths and young adults, from diverse backgrounds and communities in South Manchester and surrounding areas.

We aim to raise the aspirations and achievements of young people by motivating them to maximise their personal potential by training them to be productive and be responsible leaders of tomorrow.

The core objectives of our youth project are to empower youths of various backgrounds using martial arts and other leisure and recreational activities as engaging tools. Our activities and objectives focuses on ensuring that all youths have equal opportunity to benefit from the classes.

We believe that martial art training is a key to unlocking the potential of youths, instilling a sense of responsibility, discipline and empowerment which could be used as a tool to tackle anti-social behaviour, truancy, bullying, and gun/knife culture in our societies.

Our organisation currently provides classes in south Manchester allowing children and adults to enjoy the benefits of martial arts. The classes provide sustained participation, improved knowledge skills base, self esteem and social skills. The classes reduce the opportunity to participate in negative, disengaging behaviour in the community. The organisation provides skills to last them a life time

Management Committee

Stephen Sijuwade
Chair + Project Co-ordinator

Krishnan Wadhia
Committee Member

Amir Karimi
Sports Director

Alison Tollerfield
Child Protection Officer

Tramaine Johnson
Funding Officer / Admin

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Further information

For further information on classes, pricing, or for any other enquiries, please contact;

Stephen Sijuwade
Phone: 07708 497 223
E-mail: info

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