Our Karate Classes

Ho Shin Do Karate is a family club and caters for all ages.

Classes are designed to teach classical karate methods in a modern context.

We welcome students of all grades, abilities and disciplines.

Classes also include the new kids club which involves a style of teaching developed specifically to help younger children gain greater benefit and involves high intensity activities that give the little ones no time to get bored!

All students will be invited to frequent seminars given by visiting karate masters, and gradings take place about twice a year, so students can be inspired and encouraged, as well as gain a sense of achievement both personally and by being a proud member of their club.

If you’re still not sure, please come and try a FREE class!

For class times and venues, please see our Locations section.

For further information please contact Sensei Steve on 07708 497 223 or email info.

Ho Shin Do Youth Project

The Ho Shin Do Youth Project is a community-based, self-help, action-oriented initiative providing support to youths from under-developed communities in Manchester.

The project is co-ordinated by sensei Stephen Sijuwade, with the assistance of his senior students.

The aim of the project is to raise the aspirations and achievements of youths by motivating them to maximise their personal potential, training them to be productive and responsible leaders of tomorrow.

The core objectives of our youth project are to empower youths of various diverse backgrounds, using martial arts and other leisure, sporting and recreational activities as engaging tools. Althour classes are based on self-defence and fitness, the emphasis is on respect, courtesy, discipline, confidence, mental and physical coordination, and patience, all important aspects of character development.

We believe that martial arts training is a key to unlocking the potential of youths, instilling a sense of belonging, responsibility, discipline and empowerment, which can be used as tools to tackle the endemic anti-social, truancy, bullying and violent gun/knife culture prevalent in our modern world.

Goju Ryu Kata

Original article by Hoshindo Karate Brisbane

Gōjū-ryū has 12 core kata in its standard curriculum: gekisai (dai ichi & dai ni), saifa, seiyunchin, seisan, saipai, shisochin, sanseiru, kururunfa, sanchin, tensho, and suparenpai. Students in most schools are required to know all of these kata before reaching sandan.

Morio Higaonna sensei writes that “Karate begins and ends with kata. Kata is the essence and foundation of karate and it represents the accumulation of more than 1000 years of knowledge. Formed by numerous masters throughout the ages through dedicated training and research, the kata are like a map to guide us, and as such should never be changed or tampered with.”

Almost all of the kata have a corresponding bunkai oyo, a prearranged two-person fighting drill. These drills help the student to understand the applications of the kata, establish proper rhythm/flow, to practice constant attack/defense, and to safely practice dangerous moves on a partner.

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Goju Ryu and its 5 Precepts

Original article by Hoshindo Karate Brisbane

Goju Ryu

There are many students of karate, all which can trace their origins back to the island of Okinawa, Japan. However, originally there existed only three styles, each of which was named after the city in which is evolved. These are: Tomari-te, Shuri-te and Naha-te. The Tomari-te and Shuri-te styles were unified to form one school known as Shorin Ryu while Naha-te remained to its true form and became known as Goju Ryu.

The Meaning of Goju Ryu

According to oriental philosophy, to achieve harmony and order in the world, everything must express a balanced nature. So there is night and day, fire and water and so on.

The founder of our style, Grandmaster Chojun Miyagi chose the name Goju Ryu based on precepts from the Chinese martial arts. Go means hard or resilient; Ju means soft or yielding. Therefore Goju Ryu translates as the hard-soft school. This refers specifically to both the technical characteristics of our style and to its underlying philosophy.

The Five Precepts

  • We are proud to study the way of Goju
  • We are courteous in manners
  • We strive to develop courage and fighting spirit (humble yet strong)
  • We cultivate fellowship and understanding (the spirit of Cooperation)
  • We respect the ideals of loyalty and honor, traditional from olden times

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Lake District Summer Holiday a huge success!

The Lake District Summer Holiday proved a huge success, with more students than ever deciding to come.

Activities included football, football, more football, some hiking, some canooing, and messing about in the water, and loads of other stuff.

For some children, it was their first time away from home without their families, but you wouldn’t have known it from the way everyone enjoyed themselves.

Sensei Steve needed to sleep for a week afterwards though.

Some Older Pictures

Various pictures from the old website…

Ho Shin Do UK Newsletter 2008

Compliments of the season to my fellow Karatekas, parents and guardians, instructors, friends and family! I would like to thank everyone for your tremendous support in 2008.

Special recognition goes out to the parents because without the parents who bring the kids to classes’ week in week out through thick and thin we would not have a club! So Thanks for the support!

I would also like to congratulate everyone who graded this year. Well done to every one of you. This year marked a special achievement to a set of dedicated students who achieved their brown belts; Adrian Heeks, Adam Hameed, James McDonell, Edward Singh, Vithushan Karunakaran, Azad Mohammed, Emily Heeks and Hashim Ghazanfar.

image004The year started off with the the Kaizen ryu invitational tournament followed by the seitou ryu invitational tournament where the students gave good account of themselves and came back with lots of medals.

The major event of the year was the visit of our senior instructor from Australia Rod Martin Sensei. We had the summer grading and seminar held here in Manchester, followed by the seminar hosted by Krishan Wahdia Sensei in London (Hoshindo). Also there were seminars hosted by Indran and Marie Talabalan ( kaizen Ryu ), Richard and Caroline Gregory(seitou ryu), Jo Britton (kiwamini Kai).

Finally we had the Summer Camp where everyone got together trained and socialized and had a good time.

U.M.A. (United Martial Alliance) British Open Tournament

This Year the tournament was held in Burton-upon-Trent in Staffordshire. We took our tournament squad to
compete in individual kata, kumite, team kata and Kumite.

We came back with a total of 24 medals which included British open champions gold 2008 in kata and Kumite.

The squad did the club proud!

HO Shin DO students at the G.M.P martial arts event in aid of C.L.I.C Sargent

image014On November 22nd we took some students to a charity event organized by greater Manchester police in aid of children with cancer. Ho shin Do Uk was there to support Greater Manchester police martial club, attempt a Guinness world record( three day marathon martial arts session) attempt in support of C.L.I.C sargent( caring for children with cancer). We enjoyed the training and taking part. It was an enjoyable experience and all for a great cause.

Boxing Gym

In October this year we started training at the boxing gym in Burnage. This gave us access to all the equipment required for training. The classes are held on a Wednesday and Friday from 6.00pm.

The students are enjoying the facilities available.

Children in Need Day

Students from Ho shin Do here in the UK, dress their teddies up as Karatekas!

All for fun and a good cause!

Kumite Seminar December 6th 2008

We invited our friends from Goshukan (Phoenix Karate Club) vasibon, tanat and their Sensei Kingsley to be part of our seminar. It was hosted by me and Sensei Krishan from Ho Shin Do in London. Sensei Kingsley took the kids to one side and thought them some basic kumite techniques. While the adults and brown belts got to spar and watch some top quality sparring. It was an enjoyable day for everyone!

In 2009 !!

There will be a host of events happening in 2009. We have the visit of our senior instructor Rod Martin Sensei in March. There will be seminars for all grades to attend and also an opportunity for students to attempt their next grade at the grading.

There also is a rare opportunity for higher grades to train with top Japanese master Fujiwara in London.

Tournaments for students at all levels. We will be entering some British and international tournaments this year.

Personally I look forward to my trip to Japan. I will be joining Sensei Rod out in Japan for a month of training to gain some top quality tuition. I can assure the knowledge and time spent out there will be of benefit not only to me but to you all!

Finally once again I want to thank all students for their loyalty and support. I look forward to seeing you all soon to do some karate!

Yours in Karate,
Steve Sijuwade Sensei
Ho Shin Do UK