Manchester Karate Championships

Manchester Karate Championships

3rd May 2015

Dear Parents and Instructors,

Welcome to the First Manchester Karate Championship. We are proud to be able to hold these competitions for all grades including lower grade abilities. The day is set to be a valuable experience for all children as well as lots of fun… We hope to see you all there!

Kata Rules

  • All 7th Kyu below permitted
    Shio tsuki-Ju Nino-Kihon katas
  • All 6th, 5th, 4th Kyu permitted
    Gekisai ichi + Ni, saifa, bassai dai seiunchin katas
  • All 3rd Kyu above permitted
    Free choice of your style kata

Kumite Rules

  • All kumite matches 1.5 minutes
  • All kumite competitors must wear red or blue mitts
  • Shin/instep protectors are optional
  • All kumite competitors must wear a gum shield
  • No contact to the face, hand or feet for age 12 and under
  • Any categories above 13 years will be light skin touch contact with hand or feet

For further information, please contact Sensei Steve:

Hoshindo Karate Manchester
Phone: 07708 497 223
E-mail: info.